VIb: Equating Multiple Links

As always, objectivity is specific to the threats eliminated.

Linking, Equating, and Bank Building

If we can equate two forms, we can equate multiple forms with multiple interconnections. We can use the same form-to-form analysis to proceed one link at a time until eventually the entire network is equated. Any redundancies can be used to monitor and control the process. For example, linking form A to form C should give the same result as linking form A to form B to form C. Or, alternatively, linking A to B to C to A should bring us back to where we started and result in a zero shift, within statistical limits. What goes up, must come down, or conversely. Perhaps inconveniently, perhaps usefully, multiple links will be inconsistent. This is either a problem for recognizing truth or an opportunity to gain understanding.

There is a straightforward least squares path to resolving any inconsistencies due to random noise.

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